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Table top role playing game

Space opera is about flying from planet to planet, but what happens in between on those light year long trips? Hypercast is a game that's only concerned with what happens when you're traveling through hyperspace. Because we've all seen that planet with the pink seas and green sky. What's there to see on the way?

Inky darkness and a tentacled beast. If you turn off your light, you'll either disintegrate or be consumed by thousands of the Ravenous.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Hypercast is an RPG about traveling through a dangerous alien dimension. Travel in your spaceship or just fly through to your destination with nothing but a spacesuit and a UV spotlight. Low to no prep sessions are supported by a random job generator and random encounters. Solo play is even possible.

You're a crew of highly skilled Casters. You're tough, smart and dangerous. It still might not be enough to make it through a hyperspace cast. You may be a gun for hire but you know that you're delivering emergency aid to colonies in need. Sometimes that makes all the danger worth it. Sometimes the customers make you wonder if you made the right choice.

Possibly the first RPG to be fully illustrated by AI.


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